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Communication and treatment techniques made possible from the roots we have in our community
For all of our patients... Total support that includes both prevention and treatment

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At Sakura Dental Clinic in Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture, we offer total support, which includes both prevention and treatment, via communication and treatment techniques that have been made possible from the roots we have in our community.
At our clinic, we are always aiming for all of our patients to be able to "spend an entire lifetime with their own teeth" and have all the equipment we can on hand to be able to help alleviate any pain encountered during treatment.
One piece of equipment that has been adopted is the "CO2 laser treatment device" which minimises discomfort.

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Please feel free to contact us about anything tooth-related, whether it’s about regular check ups, orthodontics, dentures, whitening, or implants. If you are experiencing dental pain, please contact us via telephone.Sakura Dental Clinic TEL:029-835-6770
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