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Which dentures are right for you?

This clinic offers standard dentures, which are covered by insurance, as well as natural dentures. Natural dentures provide a natural feel, are flexible, and do not contain metal. They are not covered by insurance.

Natural Dentures
(Not covered by insurance)


These dentures contain no metal. They provide all the benefits of dentures, but feel like you are not wearing dentures at all.
That is the advantage of natural dentures. You no longer need to resign yourself to the challenges presented by conventional dentures.
Now, you can open wide and smile with all your heart.

Standard Dentures
(Covered by insurance)


These typical dentures usually contain metal components that are clearly visible. When you smile, a silver color will be briefly, unavoidably visible.
These insurance-eligible dentures do have some slight, unavoidable drawbacks.

About Natural Dentures

Dentures made with hypoallergenic materials, for natural beauty

During the making of these dentures, the firmness and flexibility are tailored to the patient. The sections where standard dentures use metal spring joints are no longer a cause for concern, as they can be made with a resin material that closely matches the color of the gums.
Compared to conventional materials, these materials produce dentures that also feature significantly more accurate sizing.
When using natural dentures, the appearance of your dentures will no longer be conspicuous.
Exceptionally thin and light, natural dentures allow you to live comfortably and with peace of mind. They are perfect both at home and when you're out on the town.
With natural dentures, you can once again smile with confidence.

  • Natural, metal-free dentures
  • Exceptional sense of fit
  • Feel natural to wear
  • Their flexibility helps prevent tooth fractures
Natural Dentures
Natural Dentures
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