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The tooth alignment issues described below are called "malocclusions."

The goal of orthodontics is to eliminate the various difficulties that can occur as a result of malocclusions, as well as any lack of confidence in the appearance of the mouth, by correcting the alignment of the teeth.




"Crowding" refers to the condition of overlapping, protruding, or uneven teeth.

Reverse Occlusion


"Reverse occlusion" refers to an "underbite," in which the lower teeth protrude further forward than the upper teeth.

Maxillary Protrusion


"Maxillary protrusion" refers to an "overbite," in which the upper teeth protrude further forward than the lower teeth.

Open Bite


Open bite is a condition in which the back teeth touch, but the front teeth do not.

What makes orthodontic treatment necessary?

In addition to creating a great smile and a beautiful overall appearance, orthodontic treatment can be necessary for the purpose of improving oral health, including the health of the teeth, as well as overall health.

以The purpose of orthodontics is to improve the health of both the body and the mind, as illustrated by the examples below.

Frequently asked questions about orthodontics can be found here.


❶ Susceptibility to cavities and gum disease

If the teeth are overlapping or misaligned, it can interfere with proper brushing and cause bits of food to accumulate more easily. This makes you more susceptible to cavities and gum disease.

toothacheing woman

❷ Difficulty chewing

If the alignment of the teeth is poor, it prevents proper contact between the upper and lower teeth. This results in the inability to chew food properly. That, in turn, can encourage the habit of swallowing pieces of food whole, which places significant stress on the digestive system.

confusing woman

❸ Also affects jaw growth and face shape

The jawbone and facial muscles grow through proper chewing. Malocclusions prevent proper chewing. The resulting effects include interference with the growth of the jaw, and misshaping of the face.

little boy

❹ Concerns about the appearance of the mouth

Misalignment of the teeth can have a negative impact on self-confidence, leading people to cover their mouths when speaking or smiling. This can also lead to increased stress, teeth grinding, stiffness of the neck, and poor posture.

a man hiding his mouth

❺ Problems with pronunciation

Bite conditions can cause various difficulties with pronunciation. Pronunciation of foreign-language words becomes especially difficult.

Problems with pronunciation
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