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Maintaining Healthy Teeth

Seeing a dentist is something everyone needs to do.

Why is that? It's because nobody in the world can brush their own teeth perfectly!
Biofilms (collectives of bacteria), which can cause diseases, are difficult to eliminate by brushing at home. If you do not have these biofilms cleaned regularly with the special equipment used at dentists' offices, it will be difficult to maintain a healthy mouth.

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Preventing Cavities

Methods of the dental clinics of the past

Every time they visited a clinic, patients would have their teeth drilled. As patients got older, they would lose more teeth, because a tooth's life span gets shorter the more drilling it takes. This would eventually lead to the need for dentures.


Your tooth hurts,
so you go to the dentist

You haven't been brushing perfectly
You have a lot of biofilms!

You get dental treatment

You may need long-term care, such as having a tooth drilled, or having a filling or crown put in

The treatment ends

The pain in your teeth and gums gets better

Biofilms get stuck to your teeth again,
and your teeth hurt,
so you go to the dentist

You haven't been brushing perfectly

Going through this cycle damages your teeth,
which shortens their life span

Methods of the dental clinics of the future

You're going to the dentist for prevention, so you don't damage your teeth. You will be able to fully enjoy eating with your own teeth for your entire lifetime.


You go to the dentist before your teeth or gums start hurting

Even if you were to have any tooth decay or irritation of the gums, it will be discovered early, in its initial stages

You receive a basic
or preventive treatment

If any treatment is necessary, it's a light one, meaning that it's quick, inexpensive, and free of pain

The treatment ends

Your healthy teeth and gums are maintained

Regular examination
You go to the dentist before your teeth or gums start hurting

You keep your teeth healthy with regular examinations

This cycle does not cause you to damage your teeth,meaning that you can enjoy a lifetime of healthy teeth

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