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General Dentistry / Pediatric Dentistry

General dentistry is the treatment of diseases of the teeth and mouth. This includes the treatment of tooth decay, gum disease, and issues involving the roots of the teeth, as well as crowns, bridges, dentures, and cavity prevention.

At this clinic, we use equipment that minimizes pain for the patient, while also protecting the patient's overall health.

As one example of this, we use carbon dioxide dental lasers, which minimize discomfort during treatment. The heat from the laser both makes the incision and arrests bleeding in the affected area, providing the advantages of less discomfort and faster healing. We use these lasers for procedures including treatment for mouth ulcers and gum disease, as well as gum surgery and root canals. Meanwhile, thanks to digitization, patients' X-ray exposure during X-ray examinations has been reduced to one quarter of what it had been in the past.

To help patients feel as relaxed as possible during treatment, our examination areas are furnished with televisions.
Strollers are available for patients who are visiting the clinic with young children.

Information on our dental services for children can be found here.

General Dentistry / Pediatric Dentistry
General Dentistry / Pediatric Dentistry

Dental Surgery

At this clinic, we perform tooth extractions of all types, and offer treatment for conditions including temporomandibular joint dysfunction, dental trauma, and inflammation.

In cases in which general anesthesia, general care, and/or histopathology tests are required, we will refer the patient to Kasumigaura Medical Center, with which we have a comprehensive partnership.

Dental Surgery


We provide services relating to the alignment of the teeth. This includes services for patients who want to feel more confident in their smile, and for those who wish to improve their bite.
At our clinic, orthodontists provide care that puts communication with the patient first.

For details, please see here.



At this clinic, we offer natural dentures, which do not contain metal.
Natural dentures provide all the benefits of dentures, with none of the unnatural sensation of conventional dentures.
Patients will once again be able to show their biggest, most heartfelt smile, with no more worrying about the telltale silver hue of dentures of the past.
We also serve patients with a wide range of other needs, including those with dentures with magnetic attachments, or dentures containing titanium or other metals.

For details, please see here.


Comfort Dentures

Comfort is a modern line of dentures with a white rubber material (biocompatible silicone) affixed to the underside of the dentures to provide cushioning.
Surprisingly, there had been no progress in denture materials and manufacturing technology since the 1950s.
At the same time, with advancements in fields such as medical technology leading to increases in life expectancy, there is an ever-greater need for products and services that can contribute to a long, healthy, fulfilling life.
Out of this historical context, Comfort has arrived as the denture technology for this era of scientific and technological advancement.

Advantages of Comfort

・They don't hurt!
Placing less stress on the gums, Comfort makes chewing less painful.
・Better for chewing!
Providing cushioning between the dentures and the gums, Comfort allows you to chew properly.
・They don't fall out!
The suction-like effect of the white rubber makes Comfort dentures less susceptible to falling out.



When a person loses a permanent tooth, unfortunately, that tooth will not grow back again. Prior to now, the only way to compensate for that loss had been to use false teeth, such as dentures.
However, false teeth can leave users feeling that something is out of place. They can make firmer foods more difficult to chew, negatively affect the pronunciation of some sounds, and generally feel unstable.
At this clinic, for patients with concerns such as these, we offer dental implants.

For details, please see here.



Nite White Excel
-The most popular whitening system in the U.S.-

NiteWhite Excel provides safe, effective whitening in a short period of time. It was the first system of its kind to be approved by Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare.
Use for two hours a day, and in two weeks (depending on individual characteristics), your teeth will be a brilliant white.

For details, please feel free to call or visit us here at the clinic.

Please feel free to contact us about anything tooth-related, whether it’s about regular check ups, orthodontics, dentures, whitening, or implants. If you are experiencing dental pain, please contact us via telephone.Sakura Dental Clinic TEL:029-835-6770
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